Margaret Story

Margaret is happy because the Biosand Filter number 184 was installed in her household in Koboko, Northern Uganda. The main water source for the family is a hand pump. She said; the biosand filter help my family because it has improve the quality of water and it is good for my family health. Margaret is happy because they also attended the training of how to correctly use and maintain the filter. She also said; my family no longer suffer from typhoid as it use to be. We spent $56 per month for treating typhoid and worm cases. Margaret said;.

The Project

There is a significant need for water treatment to improve health and avoid the spread of disease. Dirty water is poured into the top of the filter, flowing through the bio-layer, sand and rock, that all work together using natural processes to remove protozoa, bacteria, and worms. When the water pours out the spout the majority of contaminants are removed therefore improving the taste and appearance of water, and contributing towards improving health. Pray for many South Sudanese, Ugandans and Congolese who are trying to start new lives in Uganda. As CAWST reports, The biosand filter is a proven household water treatment technology in developing countries.