Safe Water is desirable in Dikasinga village. The potential to reduce the large burden of diarrhea diseases continues to drain important resources from developing countries. Approximately 88% of diarrhea cases worldwide attribute to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation, or insufficient hygiene. Majority of this deadly diseases among children under 5< are preventable.

We met Baiga Swaib who is a Community Health Agent in Dikasinga Village. He was the first person to receive a biosand filter in his village from Feat Africa and the safe water is desirable to his family.

This is what he said; The need for safe water is higher in my village, there are 450 household drinking unsafe water. Because we drink contaminated water, we are suffering from worms, typhoid and dysentery. The common simple pit latrine contaminates all the shallow wells.

Click the link and #Listen to Baiga. The filter has relieve my family. I need to sensitize my community about the importance of this Biosand filters. Hope that each household gets a water filter.

Feat Africa is requesting you to support us to construct 100 biosand filters that will provide safe water to over 600 beneficiaries in Dikasinga community and empower the local pastors in the village to preach the gospel to over 1000 people in the area. Connect with us through email,, telephone +256 393225536.