Biosand Water Filter


The Household Water Treatment technology has the potential to reduce the large burden of diarrhea diseases continues to drain important resources from developing countries. Approximately 88% of diarrhea cases worldwide attribute to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation, or insufficient hygiene. Majority of this deadly diseases among children under 5 ⩽ are preventable. Drinking water contaminated by the bacterial, viral, or protozoan pathogens are one transmission route for diarrhea diseases.

Technology Impact

Providing safe water to almost 1 billion people who currently suffer from contamination of their improved water has been recognized by WHO as an essential long-term goal that will yield greater health and economic benefits.

Sustainability of HWTS

Household water Treatment and safe storage (HWTS) lets people take responsibility for their own water security by treating and safely storing water themselves. It can be adopted immediately in the homes of poor and vulnerable families to dramatically improve the quality of their drinking-water.

The sustainable solution to household safe water should be a low-cost intervention. The biosand filter is the low-cost interventions for household water treatment and safe storage. It can significantly reduce the pathogen load in drinking-water and, thereby reduce the risk of diarrhea diseases.

The Biosand Filter

The biosand filter is one of the several household water treatment technology options. The biosand filter is an innovation of traditional slow sand water filter. It can be constructed locally in the world and allow for a sufficient amount of water to be treated for drinking, personal hygiene and cleaning purpose. It removes 100% parasites, over 95% bacteria and nearly all suspended sediments in water. We focuses on simple but effective technologies to improve water quality and reduce the risk of diarrhea diseases. Learn more